Doing Business in Brazil & Latin America Program

An interactive program aimed at students, professors, researchers, executives and entrepreneurs involved or interested in international businesses. Participants will learn practical, and effective strategies to operate in Latin American markets with special emphasis to Brazil.

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Program Format – One to three weeks

The program can be developed in three formats: one week , two or even three weeks.

This highly focused and innovative program is a customized and intensive training program in Sao Paulo city through a combination of workshops, presentations and discussions including site visits to private Brazilian organizations successfully operating in Brazil and other countries in Latin America.

The Program will be conducted by well-reputed professors with solid academic degree and pragmatic background of experience as consultants in International businesses in Latin America markets.

The program is open to participants from a range of universities throughout USA, Europe and Asia in all-academic disciplines. To ensure program quality it is expected that the program will be limited to 25 -35 participants.

Basic format includes 4 hours morning sessions with specific seminars as described in this presentation, followed by visits to Brazilian companies , after lunch break.

Why Doing Business in Brazil & Latin America

Brazil is the world’s third-largest democracy and has a free market and export-oriented economy. Currently are one of the ten largest economy in the world and the largest in Latin America. The service sector is the largest component of GDP at 66%, followed by the industrial sector at 20% Agriculture represents 14% of GDP the city of São Paulo is also the financial centre of South America.

Brazil is an important player in the Global economy due to: its economic power; its central location within South America; its status as a trading partner and as a recipient of foreign investment; its diplomatic role both within South America and international agencies.

Brazil’s domestic industries are showing a quick rebound. The economy, along with related exchange traded funds (ETFs), may be only just beginning to reflect a recovery in this emerging market.

Main Entrance

Seminars - Main Topics:

The following subjects can be chosen and contents can be developed according to the particular interest of each group. Subjects can be combined to match objectives and program duration

1- Political and Social and Ecological Environment in Brazil
2- Pre Salt and the Infrastructure in Brazil
3- Brazil and the International Economy
4- Brazilian Corporate Culture and Business Management (6 hours)
5- Business Negotiations and Social Interaction with Brazilian Executives
6- Foreign Trade and International Business in Brazil
7- Business & Labor Laws and Regulations on Foreign Investment in Brazil
8- Logistics and Supply Chain in Brazil and Latin America

Other subjects can be included and customized, depending on to the foreign visitors, interests

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish

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